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Dale at Being Canine offers a range of services tailored to your canine needs.

Without Worry - Canine Education
Dale, in collaboration with Lisa Hird, is now also providing access to expert information and training to dog owners, found out more here.

1:1 Session

Sometimes a class environment is not the best for you and your dog. A 1:1 session gives the opportunity for a personal, in-depth assessment and coaching to improve on specific areas or behaviours. Of course, it could just be that you want some additional time to improve on your own training skills. Whatever the reason, I can provide an hour session for you and your dog.  

I also offer:
● Private puppy training  ● Dog behaviour modification ● Dog assessments  ● Home visits 

1:1 session  from £80
Puppy session  from £50
Consultation from £80

Terms and Conditions

Group Session

The group sessions provide you with the opportunity to develop your dog's skills whilst in the company of other dogs and people. I concentrate on teaching life skills rather than traditional obedience exercises and the only criteria is that you both have fun while learning. Classes last for approximately 1 hour. 
My Shaping skills classes provide more in-depth training techniques and are restricted to small numbers to maximise the learning opportunities. As part of our social activities, I organise group walks which are open to all. Details are shared via our Facebook site.

See contact us for location details.   
Group and puppy classes  contact us for details

Terms and Conditions

Home Boarding and Day Care

Home@BeingCanine is truly a home from home service. Your dog can enjoy off lead exercise in the Pixie Paddock, some pottering time in the playground or relax in our comfortable suites. If your dog would like to join us at our home then give us a ring to pay a visit. 

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About Dale McLelland

Passionate about dogs and canine behaviour

My name is Dale McLelland and I specialise in the assessment and treatment of dog behaviour problems. 

I work with all breeds of dogs, young, old, pedigree, cross breeds and rescues. I use non-aversive, positive reinforcement dog training methods to provide effective and practical behavioural advice. 

The statement “ train with the brain not with pain” is one that particularly sums up my ethos. My philosophy is all about you having fun with your dog. I appeal to owners who want to have a dog that is a pleasure to live with and who can join in the family activities.

My qualifications are: 

  • AdipCBM (distinction)
  • Full member of INTOdogs
  • Director of Without Worry Canine Education
  • Membership of PPGuild
  • Volunteer for the Yellow Dogs project
  • Member of the International Society for Animal Professionals

  • I encourage you to come along and watch a class. Alternatively, feel free to phone and have a chat about you and your dog.

    Happy Customers


    I was out walking with Cracker & Buster today and looked at Cracker and thought how far he came from that first visit those few years ago. His recall and 'watch' is brilliant. He kept looking back at me when off the lead. You gave me the tools I need to work with my boys so thank you so much, you're amazing at what you do xx

    Lynne Irwin- Farrell


    "You're amazing at what you do" - Lynne Irwin- Farrell


    I started going to Dale with my German Shepherd Dexter when he was about 8 months. We go to one to one training sessions as he was a bit vocal round other dogs, people, traffic cones…the list goes on. The road has been up and down to say the least however going to the training and doing the agility has all been paying off. I am certainly much more confident with Dexter with help from Dale. I understand his behaviour more and I can anticipate his reactions before he does. We still have a journey in front of us but with many thanks to Dale it looks like being a great and happy journey.

    Elizabeth Rennie


    "many thanks to Dale..." - Elizabeth


    Thank you so much Dale in helping myself and Bisto build a great relationship with one another. I have learned so much in the Sunday morning classes and have ended up with a wee dog that I can take with me everywhere, he is a wee joy and a great companion, I would never have thought that the 'box of frogs' wee puppy would end up such a chilled out wee dog. I could never have achieved this without the help of Dale. The way Dale explains dog behaviour from the dog's point of view is so unique and so beneficial. I could not recommend Being Canine enough, it is not just about obedience its about building a relationship and trust with your dog. Thank you so much.

    Janet McCallum


    "Thank you so much." - Janet





    As a full accredited member of The Association of INTODogs ( I am able to display this symbol.

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